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Vertical vs. horizontal.  Stand up and look at yourself.  You stand upright on two feet.  You are a vertical being with a vertical spine, but your senses all seem to point out, into a horizontal direction.  Your eyes are in the front of your head, and their tendency is to look forward in a horizontal direction.  Interaction-wise, it is the same with your nose, and your ears on the side of your head.  Also, your arms usually reach out in front of you and when you walk your legs take you in a horizontal direction (unless of course you’re doing a vertical climb up a cliff, which most of us don’t do too regularly).  The point being, even though our body is built for vertical positioning, our orientation to the world seems built for horizontal interaction.  However, for any meaningful spiritual journey, we need to change our orientation from horizontal to vertical.  And sometimes that may just mean looking up instead of forward.  Of course this is a simplistic analogy, but it does also apply to how we are physically vs. spiritually inclined.

Let’s define the difference between vertical and horizontal in a spiritual context.  Vertical = spiritual progressions towards divine fulfillment.  Horizontal = being primarily oriented to the physical world.  There are horizontal horizons in the physical world and vertical horizons within your own being.  They should both be explored, however…

Vertical vs. horizontal?  Reality vs. Illusion?  And what does that mean?  Horizontal life is more obvious, and appears more adventurous with greater pleasure, but however long you explore the horizontal path it brings you back to the point of origin.  The wisdom of the horizontal is that it is an illusion, consuming your moments and your energy.  The vertical path is much less obvious, as few in the physical recognize its value, but it is the path that leads to your own divine nature, and towards learning how to manage and generate the power of your divine life.  A vertical progression will quickly and drastically change your view of the physical world, as your understanding of physical life will take on a much different meaning.

The vertical progression gives you altitude, resulting in broadening your horizons.  Physical (horizontal) altitude broadens your physical horizons; spiritual (vertical) altitude broadens your spiritual horizons.  How many times has life presented you with a situation where you needed to make a decision on which way to go, only to find it difficult to choose among the many possibilities?  Sometimes it just seems safer to make no decision, rather than to embark on a future whose outcome you cannot predict.  Or maybe none of the possibilities life is presenting you look appealing.  You just know you need a change, but you cannot figure out what the change should be.

Since for the most part we are so programmed to think horizontal, physical life is a horizontal progression.  Which also means even if we travel vertically up in a meditative practice, the tendency will be to stop at some level to interact with this place in a horizontal fashion.  That isn’t in itself a bad thing.  It all depends on what you are trying to achieve on your journey.  But if you want to continue to travel to higher energetic states, you will need to maintain that vertical focus, no matter what level of life you are on.  Always go for altitude.

A good meditation system will pull you higher up in your being and will broaden your perspective on your life situation.  Meditate and listen to what vertical life is telling you.  Look for the opportunities and you’ll see more and better opportunities are coming your way.

Often when life gets hectic or rough, the tendency is to feel you have no time to meditate, that other things are more important.  But usually these are the times when you most need to meditate.  You need the vertical altitude to put things in proper perspective.  In the ideal situation to the vertical aspirant, the horizontal world provides many valuable lessons and clues to aid in the climb to one’s vertical divinity.  Thus, it is the balancing of the vertical and horizontal life that offers the real value of spiritual growth here.



One Comment to “Vertical vs Horizontal”

  1. Nicole says:

    This was a good article, there is not much information on the vertical “spirituality” aspect of awakening. When on the horizontal path, you never seem satisfied or feel complete and always searching for something. With the vertical spirituality, you invite your higher self to be the driver of your physical vehicle heading straight for a life filled with wonder, endless unconditional love and joy, and how that will unfold can only be created by the higher self (surrender).

    Thank you