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Webster’s dictionary defines tinnitus as, “any ringing or buzzing in the ear not resulting from an external stimulus.”  The medical community reports that approximately 20% of the people in the USA suffer from it, which means over 50 million of us.  Mentioned as things that bring it on are allergies, head injuries, loud noises, medications, infections, tumors and diseases.  Treatments are offered to treat the symptoms, but they are not completely sure what causes it.  Four main treatments are currently available; prescription drugs, maskers (devices one wears that produce soft sounds to drown out the inner sounds), behavioral modification training (learning not to listen to the inner sounds) and surgery in the most chronic cases.

It seems that the medically established treatment of dealing with this issue is quite curious indeed.  Even though it is recognized as a medical condition, it is one that doesn’t seem to do much harm, other than being a nuisance for the people affected.  In fact, most patients report that their doctors usually tell them to just learn to deal with it.  Mainly because there is no long-lasting cure, only the above-mentioned ways to temporarily relieve the perceived annoyance are available.  But even with treatments, some polls reveal that from 60-90% of the time these treatments don’t work.  So, learning to live with it is basically the solution most people accept.

Besides, if someone really came up with a permanent cure, that would actually be something to uneasy about.  That means the “cure” would eliminate someone’s inner sound current, or the ability to hear it.  That is essentially impossible, because this energy source is always there and it keeps us alive.  Logically it would seem if we don’t hear it we would be dead, but that’s not correct either.  Because you can also hear it on the other side.  It is essentially a non-problem problem.  In order to deal with it, one should learn to accept it, meditate on it and use it to your own personal advantage.  (Editor’s note: Check the ‘History of the Inner Sound Current’ article, as you can see meditating on the sound current is a centuries-old spiritual tradition.)

However, we also want to add that since we are not medical doctors of any kind, we are willing to concede that it’s possible there is a real medical problem here people may need to deal with.  Maybe the way we are talking about the inner sound current is different than what they are talking about with tinnitus.   And we certainly want to make the point that any discussion about the sound current is not to be construed as medical advice of any kind.  For sure we are not advocating or claiming any type of cure for a recognized medical condition.  Go consult a doctor if you feel you need to.

Having said that, it is also possible that this is a misdiagnosed problem because the medical community does not truly understand what they are dealing with here.  If you are one of the 50 million in the USA with this diagnosed medical problem, then you certainly have some decisions to make concerning this.

Here is one last tidbit of information about this.  According to the medical community, our chances for getting tinnitus increase as we grow older.  That is certainly more food for thought.  Is it possible that as we get older and nearing our time to cross over to the other side, that a way opens up for us there?  Or maybe our physical hearing just deteriorates so much by then that it makes the inner sound that much easier to hear.  Any comments from out there?



2 Comments to “Tinnitus – The Real Scoop”

  1. LynneQi says:

    I’m just guessing you don’t have tinnitus, or only very soft if any. This can be a debilitating condition for many; clearly more than an annoyance or something one can choose to ignore. As mine developed following a car accident, I don’t really associate it with a deeper, spiritual connection. I hear up to four distinct noises constantly, which means I don’t hear “life” happening in those frequencies, unless life is happening very loudly. And I don’t have a very bad case of it! I have clients who have considered killing themselves because the noise was so overwhelming.

  2. myriam says:

    Here is something interesting for you. When i was six had severe ear infections which decreased my hearing by 25%. Due to the infections my hearing was constantly being tested by the method they used back then, which was by placing a tuning fork at the top of my head. It was since this early age that I learned to distinguish the inner sound without plugging my ears. However, now, as an adult and having learned to meditate on sound, when I plug my ears the sound IS a little lower on the side where I lost my hearing. It sounds farther away than on the side where my hearing is good.Never-the-less my meditations are good.