Spiritual Energy Management – What’s The Big Deal?

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Energy.  Just look around.  It’s all around us.  Everything that exists is some expression of energy.  All matter everywhere, it’s all just energy, albeit different types and forms.  Atoms and molecules at the smallest end creating galaxies and universes at the larger end.  And us, in between, just energy.  But we are each unique expressions of energy.  And guess what, we would always like more of it.  Wouldn’t we?

 Look at our fast-paced modern world, abuzz and moving along as swiftly as we can force ourselves to go.  And to fuel our travels, we grab the easiest quick-fix we can find.  Our lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, ah yes.  And our diet pills, our drugs, our natural herbal energy mental focus enhancers, and on and on.  Then to relax and decompress ourselves at the end of the day, we have our alcohol, more drugs, and our chamomile tea.  We keep this up all week, then crash on the weekends, so we can get ourselves ready to start it up on Monday morning all over again.  Energy.  It’s all about energy.  So we can do our work, have our fun, live our lives.  Everything about us is a function of our energy.  In fact, the type of life we have is really based on it.  We want more, but where does it all go?  And are we coming out ahead in this whole energy equation?  Common sense says…probably not.



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