Running Your Mind

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The modern physical world can be a very fast-moving, demanding and stressful environment.  Of course, this is an obvious, almost clichéd observation that by itself doesn’t necessarily tell us much.  Where the story really lies is in how we play out our part in this world we inhabit and participate in.

Our mind is like a type of computer, which our being uses to interface with our world, process information, make decisions and in the end interact with it.  It runs programs based on the software installed (our paradigms) and the information it is fed through our senses, but not just our physical senses.  Our spiritual senses, usually through our auras and chakras, are also components that affect and color our mind’s functions, usually unknowingly.  Yet our mind, for the most part, functions through the limited perceptions of the physical, temporal world.

One of the main functions of a good meditation system is to temporarily pull us out of the momentums of the physical world and get us more in touch with the inner spiritual momentums of our greater being.  This can help sustain and nourish us to carry on in the physical world.  However, because we are so tied to the physical world, obviously with our physical bodies, our minds have a strong tendency to bind us here. In fact, many of us probably relate as to who we are in relation to our mind.  But our mind is just another vehicle, not who we really are.  It is just another tool, not the tool user.  It is just a computer, not the operator.

Except, that the mind usually wants to be the boss.  And many times a tyrannical boss.  Which, what?  If so, makes you its slave.  Which in the grand scheme of your being means that it has first rights in the decisions it makes in your life.  Which also means it will probably not always make the best decisions in relation to your overall spiritual being.  That is where YOU really come in.  And where a good meditation system can come in and help save the day.  It can put your mind in its place and help put YOU back in charge of your being.

A good meditation system has tools that can help YOU separate from your mind and get in touch with your real spiritual essence.  Most of us who already meditate know how hard the ‘mind raps’ can sometimes be to stop.  The mind just wants to go on and on.  What it is doing is trying to exert its control over the situation and doesn’t want to shut up.  Or probably more appropriately, shut down.  It’s almost like trying to shut down your computer, but it locks up and won’t let you.  It can require great effort, but it need not to.

Those days when you just don’t feel like meditating, or you don’t seem to have the time, or even if you get started but can’t get into it, your mind is trying to shut you down.  It does not want to give up its control.  Try to ignore it and move forward without it.  It would help to flush the colors out of your mind, if you know how.  Other pre-meditation relaxation exercises can help quiet the mind.

One of the most common ways to quiet the mind, then get out of the mind (no pun intended) and above it is through the use of a mantra.  It is just basically a repetitious task, busy-work to occupy the mind, while YOU separate from it and can observe it as distinct from your greater spiritual being.  Then from there your meditation can work much better without your mind bugging or hounding you.

Of course, the mind does serve a function, but it should be your slave, performing the tasks it is designed for, helping you to interface, interact and communicate with the world around you.  But it can also help give you clues to your spiritual environment.  So use it wisely.  Don’t let it use you.  Slave vs. master?  YOU decide.  Not your mind.



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