Meditation Technique – A Preflight Checklist

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Here’s a little advice that may help you in relation to the actual practice of meditation.  Whatever system of meditation you do practice, try the following before you go into meditation.  It might help you “get off” better.

Find a quiet place with subdued light, preferably away from electronic devices that emit EMF’s.  It would also be better to be alone, away from other people (unless they are meditating with you) and pets.  Wear loose clothing and sit on a cushion or straight-backed chair, making sure your spine is vertical.  Your physical spine is a spiritual antenna, and having it vertical allows you to tune into the appropriate spiritual frequencies.  Either cross your legs or cross your ankles, and put your hands together.  This helps close your aura.  It is best to have your aura and charkas closed to help contain the energy you get from meditation.  If you need to block out any external noises that could be distracting, you could use earplugs.  You want to be able to disengage from physical world senses and redirect your attention inward.  It is also best to meditate in the same place at the same time every day.  It helps build a disciplined routine and helps wear the path inside your being. 

The most important thing in meditation is to be able to relax, especially to quiet the mind.  So if you know any other relaxation techniques, besides your meditation, that would help you relax before you start, then make them a part of your routine.  Exercising, hatha yoga or a few minutes in a hot tub are a couple ideas.  If you’re not in the best frame of mind, try remembering a happy event, or think of a favorite joke.  It’s best to get yourself into an upbeat attitude to help the meditation process kick in right, allowing the focus to be on getting in touch with the highest parts of your being.

Getting into a meditation routine takes a certain amount of discipline and commitment, so don’t get on yourself if it doesn’t work out every time you go through your routine.  There’s no reason to add more stress to the process.  Sometimes the benefits and changes are subtle and require a certain level of detachment.  Just keep with it, and the time you spend will bear fruit for the betterment of your overall being.  Onward & Upward!



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