Meditation – Is it for you?

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Meditation.  Yes, a very generic concept, but one practiced for a very long time by quite a number of people.  Originally an ancient practice related to religious or spiritual activities, today it has grown into different health-related programs that integrate mind-body-soul.  A way to tune us up, so to speak, and manage the modern stressful world.  It is also used to expand our consciousness to perceive and understand reality, and to explore the inner landscape in pursuit of our true nature in relation to these higher consciousness states.

Whatever the motivation or reason behind meditating, there are a number of reported benefits, as well as health problems that can be alleviated.  The physical benefits include lower heart rate, decreased metabolic rate, lower oxygen consumption, increased blood circulation, decreased muscle tension, immune system enhancement, lower serotonin, cortisol and lactate levels, decreased respiratory rate, lower blood pressure, higher skin resistance, lower cholesterol levels and higher levels of DHEAS.  What these benefits translate to are less stress, tension and anxiety, deeper rest, reduction of free radicals, youthfulness, better cardiovascular health, allergy relief, pain management and overall better general health.  That’s quite a few benefits, but then we also have the psychological ones.

Reported psychological benefits include more harmonic brain activity, improved learning ability, better memory, decreased depression, relaxed alertness, calming the mind, elevated mood levels, better emotional stability, feelings of vitality, decreased moodiness, lessened phobias, greater creativity, all relating to heightened awareness and intuition, a sense of well-being, self-worth and self-confidence, more energy, mental clarity, inner satisfaction, increased happiness and overall better psychological health.  Again, quite an impressive list of benefits.

Whether your motivation for meditating is for spiritual or health reasons, it’s quite obvious that some form of meditation should be a part of your toolbox for a higher quality of life.  So yes, meditation is for YOU.



One Comment to “Meditation – Is it for you?”

  1. jennifer says:

    yes meditation is for me i can’t live without it, the only way i can communicate myself and understand myself better,, through meditation i feel always in harmony no matter how hard life is also i always feel in peace and love deep down

    jennifer lee