“Escape To Immortality” – Book Excerpt

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“So subtly is the energy of life fed to us that we assume it just is, and there is nothing more to the process than that.  Some people do seem a bit more alive than others, but apparently that is just through the grace of God.  The faith religions give us a lot of answers, but not to the important questions, such as, “Is this all there is?”  This is not all there is.  “But” it is as far as you get to go unless you are willing to do some of the work involved in being and staying alive…”

 “In the higher spirit regions, emotions are energy drains and disturb the tranquility of other beings.  Having negative emotions can slow you down and drop your energy level.  If you are without a physical body at the time, the future may not be good for quite awhile.  Fear, guilt, envy, and lust, to name a few, can cause you to drop out of the realm.  The faith religions have made this into a big issue, but sin is a man-made concept…”

 “All you have is time.  When you run out of gas, time moves very, very slowly and life is tedious, monotonous and boring.  When you are out of gas, there is nothing to do, largely because you do not have the gas to do anything, including thinking of something to do.  But invest a little time in “gas station time,” and life becomes different.  More velocity is available and, in short order, you have friends to spend time with, and activities to spend time on and soon there just is not any time to meditate.  Without meditation, sooner or later the “friends” wander off, the activities are not fun anymore, and if one remembers to do it, there is time again for meditation…”

 “Eventually, the progressions life offers become more interesting than the temptations of the physical world.  The energy meditation provides makes this possible.  But for a time the added energy only attracts greater temptations.  You must learn to invest your energy wisely…”

 “Energy management involves understanding that whatever you do either costs energy or gains energy.  When you get that figured out, life has a very positive energy-building plan for you…”

 “I am not encouraging selfishness or being a recluse.  I am pointing out the benefits of a healthy self-interest and adroitness when it comes to the use of your own time and energy.  Being “stingy” with your personal energy, holding it all together, hoarding it, collecting and compounding it, you can come to a time when it suddenly ignites and you have a critical mass.  Then you have YOURSELF, a light sustained by its own brilliance, a structure of magnetic fields that accelerate their own momentum, … and ZZZZIIINNNNGGGGOOO!!!  YOU ARE UP AND FLYING, flying in time and dimension, free, free, free from the power source that lit you, free from the universe that was your womb, free in the greater Cosmos, the great universe of universes.  You are then free to be a Divine being in your own right … ANDLIFE BEGINS!!! …

 For more info about this book – http://eurekasociety.com/escape.htm



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