The Power of Music

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Physical Science has determined that the universe was created through wave harmonics.  After I learned to read when I was in fifth grade I became an avid reader.  I read a lot of stories, but also things about how the universe was put together.  I read a lot of philosophy and religion, and tried to understand the God men had created in their image.  As I grew to manhood I wanted to work for God.  I wanted to work directly for God, but I found it very difficult to believe in the Christian God.  The concept of worship eluded me.  As I came to understand that there were many disciplines such as philosophy, theology, music, mathematics, astronomy, electronics, chemistry and physics, I reasoned that if God had created the universe then everything in it was his creation.  How could theology or religion then be the only way to communicate with God?  In church I often felt better after singing a hymn than I did after hearing a sermon.  I came to believe that any discipline that came from God had to have within it an avenue back to God.  If as physical science claimed, the universe was created through wave harmonics, then there must be a way back to God through music.

My efforts to study music never went very far.  I did learn to play the trombone the last two years I was in high school, but gave it up when I joined the Air Force soon after high school was over.  I did like to listen to music and particularly classical music.  After Dr. Thind taught me how to properly meditate on the sound current, I found that listening to classical music had a similar affect on how I felt.  Experimenting in meditation I found that meditating on some particular pieces of classical music could produce a mild lift.  If I was starting with a low sound current tone, the classical music could improve the tone I was focusing on.

The only building block in the universes is life.  Life, as it develops in a universe, has many opportunities for growth and for development.  Elemental life progresses up the periodic chart as it grows in complexity.  The evolutionary progressions most elemental life forms have available to them are horizontal in nature, and thus are part of the support system of the universe.  However, even at the elemental level there are vertical progressions available.  Crystal can take many forms and has not only a physical expression but a spiritual one as well.  If one learns how to listen properly one can hear the sound current tones of a crystal structure.  Whether one can hear it or not, a crystal structure broadcasts a tone.  Because of the physical nature of the crystal, the tone it broadcasts is of a fixed frequency.

In the back of your head is a knob just where the skull sits on the first vertebrae.  Inside the skull, about a quarter of an inch, on the spirit level of your being is a small marble-like object.  This is the upper willpower center.  There is a similar object in the sacrum and this is the lower willpower center.  The substance the willpower centers are made of is a spirit level expression of the crystal life spectrum. These spirit crystal willpower centers also have a tone, but it is not of a fixed frequency.  The frequency of the willpower centers tone is greatly affected by the tone your consciousness relates to.  This arrangement can go both ways, as the tone of the willpower center can influence your conscious energy tone.

So if your own conscious energy tone is low and you come into the influence area of a crystal with a higher fixed tone, the crystal’s presence will make you feel better and put you in a more positive mood of mind.  This works very well as many know.  When the fixed tone in the crystal is of a higher frequency than the tone in your willpower you will get a spiritual lift from the crystal.

However, the frequency of the tone in your willpower center is not a fixed frequency.  If the tone your consciousness is relating to is a higher frequency than the tone in the crystal, then because the tone in your willpower center is relating to the conscious tone the crystal will appear to be negative.  The crystal’s tone is the same.  It has not changed.  The crystal tone is relative to your tone, which can change.

The music you listen to works on your consciousness in much the same way.  Spiritually you become what you listen to, and that’s the way it works.

Listen to the songs of life as often as you can.



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