The Meaning of Life

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So, what is the meaning of life, anyway?  Is it even possible to know?  To know who we are?  What we are doing here and where we are going?  And all the associated questions that go along with this?  Obviously, men and women have been asking these questions for ages.  And religious figures, philosophers and occultists have attempted to answer them for just as long.  Have they succeeded, or are we still looking for the answers?

Many of us have asked ourselves these very questions, and probably many more.  Yes, at times they do seem trite, ridiculous and overworked.  But, are there even any answers?  Certainly we’ve heard plenty from many ages, but are any of them right?  And so, what if we know?  Does that even help us?  And finally, are we even asking the right questions?

It is quite doubtful that this article will answer those questions, but maybe we can point in a direction to look, and in the spirit of the moment offer a working theory of being.  One you can ponder and toy with, possibly add to and/or ultimately discard if you like.

It seems that life is both a game and a school.  It starts as a game and quickly becomes a school.  We are plopped down on this planet in the game of life, but without the rules to the game.  It becomes a school as we try to learn what the rules are to the game.  The process of learning the rules provide the lessons we learn in the school.  If we take the game too seriously (the adult part of our being), we will never win the game, for we must play the game while in the child part of our being.  It is the adult part of us that processes the lessons we learn within the game and the child part that has the fun playing the game.

You can’t cop out of the game, as you must play the game to win it.  And you must win it to graduate from the school.  You can take as many lifetimes as it takes you, but life may periodically press on you to take on the game and play it.  The problem seems to be that many of us take ourselves and the game way too seriously, and we can never win it this way.  We take it too seriously because we don’t see it as a game, but something either to endure, take advantage of, or beat everyone else at.  Meaning we get seduced by and then locked into the negative aspects of the school.  The negative aspects being greed, power, lust, etc.  All those things that seem so heavily promoted by our society to pursue, but don’t get us any closer to winning the game, only winning the illusion life tells us we should pursue.  In fact, these negative things are what turns off the child part of us to even play the game.

It seems we get into these negative ruts because of how we sometimes feel about our own physical mortality.  The thinking going, ‘hey, I only got one life to live, so I’m going to get everything out of it I can.’  On the surface this may seem okay, as we should want to get everything from life we can.  Except this can also mean, ‘forget about how I get there and the consequences of my actions.’  This attitude comes from the belief this life is all there is, and ‘once I’m dead and buried, who cares?’  You’ve taken the game too seriously, and then didn’t learn your lessons.  Guess what, you need to repeat that grade, so here’s another life to learn what you didn’t, and on and on.

In the end then, we don’t always play the game as it should be played, and we don’t always learn our lessons in school.  So where does that put us?  Back to the original point, how we play the game.  And how we play the game means how we learn our lessons, which then decides the progression of our lives’ continuity.  There appears to be one key above all that determines the best way to play and learn.  Isn’t it how high within your being you play the game and learn your lessons?  Once you can rise to the highest within you, meaning the most positive and away from the lowest, meaning the most negative, then you can play the game correctly and with élan, to all your inner child’s delight?  For only then will you understand what you are doing here, who you are and where you are going?  Many people complain about life, as if is it supposed to be perfect.  Actually life is just perfect, because of all its imperfections.  That’s what makes it so perfect, because we get to work out the imperfections ourselves.

Creation seems to be working a plan, and we are all a part of it.  But we need to bring something to the table, which in the end is … our own being.  And, how do you fit in?  Play the game, learn the lessons, win the game and graduate from the school.  Creation, and your life, is waiting for you there.  Plus, you might get to answer some of those questions along the way.  So, why not get with it?  What else do you have to do?  Life may be eternal, but why wait forever to be born?



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  1. Lee says:

    Mmmmmm – Welcome to the “School of Life” – the real Teacher! Love the lessons – learning & sharing the experience with my fellow students! : )