‘Mt Shasta – The Vital Essence’ Book Excerpt

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“When I first came to Mt. Shasta I met a Lady on the mountain at a place called Panther Meadows.  First in a lucid dream, then later, I could see her in waking consciousness.  But as in a double exposed picture, I could also see through her.  At first, she played games with me, offering me gold and jewels.  I told her I only came to meditate, and was not interested in her physical wealth.  When I convinced her of this, she offered me her spiritual wealth…”

“For ages man has wanted to fly with the birds.  You are a bird free to fly on the winds of time.  But first you must learn how to let go of the tree.  There are special places on Mt. Shasta where it is very easy to let go of the tree in meditation, and in full consciousness, remember your place in the universe.  Many also remember why they came here to physical life on earth…”

“The sound current provides all things in life needed to grow towards your own divine maturity.  However, until you realize the sound current is the most important thing in your life, anything that becomes more important to you than the sound current will in time be taken away from you.  The sound current is the rock all things are made of and the rock all things stand on…”

“The sound has many uses.  It can tell you a great deal about your spiritual altitude.  If you listen enough to actually hear the tone, you will notice that while the sound is always there, the tone actually changes from time to time.  The higher and finer the tone, the more spiritual altitude you have.  As the tone goes coarser and to lower tones, you have less spiritual altitude.  It is very good to be able to monitor your spiritual altitude if you want to get high on Mt. Shasta…”

“We have come to understand that certain types of comprehensions pertain to certain places on the mountain to meditate.  Sometimes there was a special magic in these places and sometimes there was not.  Then she showed us how to turn the magic on and how to turn it off.  She would give us experiences that would only raise questions.  Then she would help us find the answers to our own questions.  Sometimes they were spiritual experiences and sometimes physical experiences, but each progression led us ever farther, and ever higher, into our own being…”

“This book will show you how to physically locate these special spiritual places on the mountain.  We will also help you find the special places in yourself that will allow you to have your own spiritual experiences, your own progressions, on the mountain and in your daily life…”

“The external world offers many, many things, but they are all illusions.  Nothing in the external expressions of life this universe has to offer has greater value than finding the child within your own being.  You must know this truth in your own being before you can be accepted into the communities of life the stars know…”

“This book is dedicated to all those who know in their hearts that there is supposed to be more here than the contemporary world would have one believe.  And also to those who are looking for a better way into their own tomorrows …”

“For those whose dreams do challenge their horizons …”

This book, as well as others, is available at www.eurekasociety.com/books.htm



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  1. Wyatt essence elder says:

    Come, essence brothers. Let us rejoice in the capturing of a rare picture of our essence mountain. Praise be to the essence.