‘Dreams Awake’ And Beyond

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1/11/2016 –  When I first viewed Dreams Awake during its debut, I thought, ‘Wow, finally a movie with real inspiration and enlightenment for the rest of us.’ After watching it again and again, I got more out of it each time. There are hidden jewels in this treasure of a film that I take from it at each viewing. Sometimes those jewels take a while to reveal themselves. I’ve had many friends tell me they felt the same. It’s that kind of movie. If you’ve only seen it once, watch it a few more times and you’ll understand what I mean.

Since its release Dreams Awake has gone on to win 17 film awards out of 20 film festivals including Best Spiritual Film and also Best Actress (Erin Gray) at the Monaco Film Festival.  It is still available on DVD by going to the website at http://www.dreamsawakemovie.com  or on Amazon http://amzn.to/1SKvQge

This week happens to mark the anniversary of Dreams Awake’s release in 2011, and filmmaker Jerry Alden Deal says he has another treat in the works. His new feature documentary, The Inner Sonic Key, explains some of the hidden spiritual messages that Dreams Awake left us thirsting for beyond the film.

“This new film takes the viewer further into the mysterious realms of sound current meditation, which the character Hope discovers in Dreams Awake,” explains Deal.  “We felt that some of those more esoteric elements may have been a bit obscure for a more general viewing audience. So after our film festival run and all the questions I had about this very subject, I felt it would help those viewers with that interest, to access the Dreams Awake original material at a deeper level. In doing so, I want to push the boundaries of what the medium of film can show and reveal in the more subtle world of conceptual metaphysics and mysticism. We shall see. Hopefully it doesn’t confuse people even more, since that type of subject matter is usually not easy to communicate in any medium.”

Just from the little bits of information that Way To Go Media, his production company, has shared with me, I can honestly say that it should be a wonderful accompaniment to Dreams Awake.  Yes, I have to say that I can hardly wait to see it.

Dreams Awake – http://DreamsAwakeMovie.com

Way To Go Media – http://WayToGoMedia.com

Inner Sonic Key – http://InnerSonicKey.com





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