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Spiritual Immortality

Anything related to the idea that we are essentially spiritual beings who do not really die (although speaking purely physically, obviously we do). Ideas along these lines could include references to some of the past mythology on this subject; the Holy Grail, the Fountain of Youth, the Tree of Life, the Philosopher’s Stone, the Epic of Gilgamesh, Achilles, Prometheus, Ambrosia, Merlin, Count St. Germain, etc., or references to particular spiritual, religious, occult or new age doctrines, or legendary creatures such as dragons and unicorns, or more modern fictional references in music, books or films. But no vampires please, as our culture seems to be currently overplaying that hand.

Inner Sound

Many cultures of the world have had some type of creation myth that involved sound, usually sound as the first creation and that everything else created came from such ‘otherworldly’ sound in the ether.  A number of spiritual, mystical and religious texts have spoken of this metaphysical equation of sound as an element of their most honored traditions. Plato wrote that the cosmos was constructed according to musical intervals and proportions.  Pythagoras called it ‘Music of the Spheres’ believing that it fills our inner ears and we are constantly in contact with it from the moment of birth.  Another Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, called it ‘Logos’ (divine word or sound).  Some Native American traditions call it ‘Song of the Creator,’ while the Bible calls it ‘The Word’ and ‘Voice of Many Waters’.  Hindus refer to it as ‘Anahad Shabd’ (unlimited tone or unstruck melody) and ‘Akash Bani’ (voice from the heavens), while the Sufis say it is ‘Saute Surmad’ (tone that fills the cosmos).  Lao Tzu described the Tao as ‘unimpeded harmony’ and referred to the ‘Great Tone’ as the source of all things.

In the deeper esoteric world of mystics, there is the spiritual meditative practice called Surat Shabda Yoga (yoga of the celestial sound current), which is followed by a number of ancient spiritual traditions.  Surat means “soul,” shabd means “word” and yoga means “union.”  Word means the “Sound Current,” the “Audible Life Stream” or the “Essence of the Absolute Supreme Being.”  It is implied that through this practice of meditation, one can access the workings of this inner sound and actually travel spiritually into other levels or dimensions within the inner cosmos.  It says this inner sound is the spiritual energy that actually drives your consciousness, provides the energy to hold your genetic structure in balance, and is supplied through an umbilical cord arrangement, resulting in a ringing or buzzing sound we all can actually hear inside. Any articles relating to this area of endeavor are appreciated.


Somewhat self-explanatory. All types of mediation can be discussed here, as well as different flavors of techniques practiced around the world, all reducing stress and tension to increase our overall well-being and enjoyment of life.

Mt. Shasta Mysticism

Mt. Shasta, a majestic impressive mountain in northern California, is considered one of the seven sacred mountains of the world. It has a very rich cultural history that goes back to the Native American tribes who have inhabited the area for hundreds of years.  In addition, various groups of spiritual seekers consider Shasta a place with mystical powers, spawning all types of remarkable mystical stories about the mountain.  The numerous books written the past 100 years about Mt. Shasta’s spiritual energy and the experiences people have had on the mountain have contributed to an extensive and growing mythology about this magical place.Any related articles about the mountain and any personal spiritual experiences on the mountain are encouraged.

Inner Child

Over the years quite a bit has been written about the concept of the ‘inner child’, a part of each of us that is essential for our inner growth. Sometimes we have been damaged in childhood and thus our ‘inner child’ has repair work that needs to done. An extension of that paradigm has also been presented. The idea of the spirit child, that part of our consciousness which is eternal and which progresses from lifetime to lifetime, in effect being who we truly are inside. Any articles related to these ideas will be welcomed.

Words of Wisdom

A bit of a hodgepodge here, with articles that don’t quite fit in the other categories but that have some type of connection or relativity to the overall theme of our publication.

Lighter Side

With all of these other categories dealing with such serious and intense material, we thought a little levity to the situation is needed here. Any comics, videos, jokes, funny stories or news items relating to spirituality, even if spoofing it, would be fun to have.