Choose Joy

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Do you remember as a child the feeling you had when you were having fun, running, jumping, dancing around, intent in a game of whatever you loved? Feeling light as a feather, joyful, excited, yet relaxed, eyes open and sparkling, full of love of self and the moment.

And when have you felt like this as an adult? Falling in love, watching the awe-inspiring spectacle of Mother Nature, gliding gracefully on ice or the on the dance floor, watching a painting which takes your breath away? Whatever it is, you know the feeling – pure joy. Seems to me in that moment we are humming on all 8 cylinders – all the chakras and auras etc. etc., are all in their perfect places functioning as they were made to function.

My father owned one of the last privately owned electric power plants in Norway. It was a small building at the base of a big waterfall – one out of 3 surrounding our house (appropriately named Fossheim= home by the waterfalls) and I remember watching in fascination as all these turbines and machines were all humming along, spinning fast and steadily as they were fed by the power of the water, harnessed by the large pipes going into the building, and producing light and energy to fuel our home as well as several other ones who had been in the dark before. It took some work for Dad to keep this all running, some oil and cleaning mostly, but sometimes major overhauls were needed as well

Putting this all together one day, I “saw” the big turbine that was driving me, and I decided to do some cleaning and oiling on the ol’ wheels, which perked me right up. “Find the joy” is now the signal I give myself to find the childlike joy I described earlier, in meditation and any time during the day, it seems to spin in everything just by using that command, making me feel calm and relaxed, yet so happy. It radiates from the heart region down to the Solar Plexus area, and from there it just fills up the rest of the body — my power plant is fueled by love and spreading light and power to the rest of my structures. It may take some time to “oil the old machine”, but isn’t that what it was all created to do?

There is a great joy within you to be had; listen for it, look for it.



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