Childish Sounds

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Leaving Mt. Shasta this summer, I went home the “scenic route” – by way of the ocean, which is my big love. I headed straight for it, and spent the first night in Monterey, so close to it that I could smell it, and hear the seagulls overhead – heaven. The next morning I spent 4 wonderful hours doing the gallery scene in Carmel, taking in so much beauty and being so inspired I could just burst. So it was no surprise that I took the top down on my car and turned the radio up high as I was “flying” down the coastline of this beautiful land.

After several hours of this, I came down to the more flat areas where I could relax more and decided to just turn off the radio – surprise, instead of just listening to the quiet hum of the road, I was flooded by thoughts, deep thoughts, inspirations, insights, new ideas. I was so overwhelmed that I seriously considered pulling over so I could write this all down, was not sure I could remember it all when I would have time to get it on paper. Spending the night in Ojai I wrote it all down, and the next morning when I took my birthday breakfast in the sunshine, there was more to listen to and write down in the quiet of the day – what a birthday present.

So now I seldom turn the radio on just out of habit when I get in the car, especially on longer trips, as I am so much more in tune with myself with the quiet and the road.

It was on such a trip about a week after Shasta going back and forth from my home to Anaheim for a 9-day home show, driving one hour each way almost every day that I discovered another thing about sound, this time about using sound.

I was coming home in the evening pretty late, and was trying to stay awake and focused. So with the radio off, I started making sounds with my own instrument, (trust me, you don’t want to hear me sing) so it was only sounds, and I asked myself: “what would a toothache sound like?” etc. And by the time I was halfway home, I was laughing and babbling and having so much fun, the time flew and I was no longer tired.

The child in me really liked it, so this is one way you can bring out the child for those of you who asked me how to do that – make sounds – the sillier the better!!! Have fun.



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  1. Debi Baughman says:

    Yes! I know exactly what you mean. I did this one coming home from town with my husband, but I was copying the sounds all of the different vehicles made as we passed on the road, or stopped at a red light. At first i just started doing it because i was feeling frustrated and not having much luck shutting my thoughts out for just a few moments to get my bearings. I started copying the sounds around me and discovered that not only was it very interesting, not only was it lots of fun, but my frustrations whipped away with every engine roar that came out of my chest and throat. and it just plain felt good!