11 Effective Tips On How To Attract Positive Energy Into Your Life

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We always have a choice; to be in resistance or to be at peace. When we resist we create negative energy which reflects back at our being. However, peace and contentment attract positive energy (thoughts, feelings and vibrations). Therefore, if we want to attract positive energy and hence wellness, health and vitality into our lives we must stop circulating and re-circulating negative, toxic thoughts and feelings. Although this is a simple choice, most people have unconsciously chosen to live in negativity.



Here are some effective tips that will help you attract positive energy into your life by simply staying in touch and focusing on your inner peace.

How To Attract Positive Energy Into Your Life

1. Start the day with meditation

Avoid rushing through your day with scattered thoughts and emotions because it simply leaves you in a state of stress and anxiety. Sit in a relaxed, comfortable position and close your eyes while breathing in and out in order to feel your presence or consciousness in the midst of your emotions and thoughts. This is a powerful and highly effective practice that creates positive vibrations throughout your body by calming your spirit to put you in a peaceful and relaxed state of mind.

2. Let go of the need to control

The nature of life is change. The more we resist the more we suffer. When we try to control life situations, we feel stressed and this eventually generates a lot of negative energy. Therefore, it will be more peaceful and relaxing if we let go and simply allow ourselves to flow along without struggling. If you stay relaxed you will generate positive energy and attract the beauty and grace of life.

3. Don’t worry about the future

Worry does not serve any purpose for anyone mainly because what has to happen will eventually happen. Therefore, you achieve nothing by worrying about it and there is no need to waste energy and time focusing on worries. When you focus on worries you create a lot of negative energy unconsciously which is very harmful to your being. Therefore, you can only attract positive energy into your life by planning practically and simply leaving whatever is not within your control to life.

4. Drop the disappointment and resentment within

The past is simply a memory trace and not a reality or reflection of who you are today. If you don’t think about your bad memories continuously, you will not feel any disappointment or resentment within. Stop engaging in guilt and self-blame for past omissions and acts. Revel in the present by learning to forgive and carry on with life. Simple acts of forgiveness generate a lot of positive energy.

5. Practice kindness and generosity

Abundance is a very high vibration. Giving or donating freely to others without expecting to get anything in return shifts your perspective from thinking you don’t have enough to thinking that whatever you have is enough to spare some for others. On the other hand, acts of kindness (as opposed to mean acts) attract positive energy.

6. Be grateful

Take some time to appreciate all your blessings and express gratitude for everything. This helps your system to flow in a healing bath rather than languish in harmful toxins. Develop the beautiful attitude of gratitude by making a comprehensive list of everything you are grateful for every day including increased vitality and good health. This helps you to focus on what you have in abundance and eventually attract positive energy into your life.

7. Visualize a peaceful flow of life (be conscious of your thoughts)

Everything you say, think, or feel becomes your reality. Unfortunately, most minds are addicted to negative emotions and thoughts. Therefore, if you really want to attract positive energy, you must consciously breakout of this dangerous addiction. This helps you to stop thinking about negative thoughts or emotions and visualize a life of peace and contentment.

8. Be conscious of the food you eat

Different foods vibrate at different frequencies; some vibrate at high frequencies whereas others vibrate lower. Foods that are covered in pesticides and other chemicals or foods that are packaged poorly (such as plastic packaging) generally leave you vibrating lower. You can simply try consuming good quality organic food and feel the positive energy disseminate through your body. Therefore, it is vital to pay attention to how different foods make you feel and focus on eating foods that attract positive energy.

9. Smile

It is very important to smile especially when you are in high spirits or a good mood. You will be surprised by how easily other people can pick up your mood. Besides smiling back at you, people will also go out of their way to be polite and friendly. It is very easy to stay positive when you see other people reflecting back their positivity. This is where you start stumbling upon good luck along your way.

10. Clean and organize everything

Your environment (everything from your bedroom to your car) has a very big impact on your mood and feelings throughout the day. When things are in a state of disarray it has a negative impact on the flow of the day. Therefore, you should ensure that your space is always clean and organized to show that you appreciate and value everything you have. Introducing a good flow and order into places where you spend time attracts positive energy and wonderful things into your life.

11. See the positive in all situations

See all the positive energy that is present in every situation. Most people tend to overlook all the positive aspects that are already present in various situations. However, you can only attract positive energy into your life by approaching every situation with an open mind that is ready and willing to receive the grace that is in the moment. Good things will only come your way when you open yourself to the potential for positive and good things.

It is important to understand that circumstances are always neutral. Therefore, it’s not your colleagues, boss, ex, traffic, or your parents, but your perception that creates negative energy and stress. You will attract positive energy into your life when your inner state is one of congruence and alignment instead of being negative and resistive.

Author: Urmet Seepter
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